Dipping a toe into space fleet battles with Firestorm Armada

It’s been ages since I painted minis. Moving to Korea I had to pack up a lot of my miniatures and hung up painting for a while now. But the bug has crept up again and I’ve had a long hankering to get back into painting.

I recently picked up Firestorm Armada and really like the miniatures. I’ll post my impressions on the game once I get a few games under my belt. For now I thought I’d share my painting exploits. Below are a few pics of the Sorylian Collective fleet I am working on.

The figures are pretty nice. A mixture of resin and white metal, they have a fair amount of detail. Some of the miniatures are pretty big. Notice the battle cruiser with the coffee mug in the background as scale. I’m looking forward to finishing these guys up and seeing how they do in the vast reaches of space (which also happens to be my living room floor).


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