Fun Flicks: Troll Hunter

So as ‘found footage’ films go I think it is a pretty tired theme for movies. Yet for the Norwegian fantasy horror movie, Troll Hunter, it works great.

In a nutshell the movie follows some Norwegian film students out to get some documentary footage on bear hunters that hunt down animals which leave protected areas and become a threat to the public. The students find out about a mysterious poacher that many of the hunters complain about. After all, they have to obtain a special licence from the government to kill these bears, and this poacher runs around killing bears illegally. As the students attempt to interview this poacher, they begin to realize this hunter is after other prey.

It’s a pretty fun movie that is less on scares and more on dark humor. But I’ll say there are definitely a few bits that get the hairs raising up on the back of your neck. I understand that the movie will be getting a US remake treatment. I think it’s pretty sad that distributors think a wonderful film like this just isn’t US market material. Instead you have to get a studio to basically refilm the entire thing for the english dialogue (come to think of it, why not just bring back good old dubbing?).

Granted sometimes remakes can do wonders. Of recent mind is Hammer Films’, Let Me In. But I’m more partial to the Swedish original, Let the Right One In. Still I guess if Hollywood is stuck in a rut for ideas, it’s great to give a nod to foreign films.

As for D&D, I’ll admit the movie gave me a few ideas. Overall it captured that excitement in exploring the unknown. I’ll have to add the tension of laying down bait to capture a potential monster was exciting too. It’s inspired me to consider the one shot adventure of having a group look into hunting down some mysterious beast. Getting the party come up with ideas to track, hunt, and trap (or kill) such a monster could be a big part. Nothing wrong with a good old Jabberwocky hunt I think.

Oh and for you folks responsible for Norwegian tourism, please push to promote this little gem of a film from your country. I found the scenic footage stunning. Odd to think such a small quirky film could capture the beauty of Norway so well.


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