July Blog Roll

So every once in a while I like to share some of the blogs I’ve been looking at over the past few months. While not all of them are about 4E, they’ve got something to offer your game.

Points of Light – While some of the writers use some adult language I think isn’t necessary, I’ve enjoyed this blog for several years now. They offer a very 4E-centric blog that keeps up on a lot of the new WotC content. Now that I’ve let my DDI subscription lapse, I’ve been definitely frequenting this blog more. I’ve enjoyed their analysis of new character options that roll out in Dragon.

The Id DM – A relative newcomer to the D&D blogging scene that has gathered a large following pretty quickly. The Id DM offers some really interesting analysis and thoughts on the dynamics of groups and the game in general. I particularly liked his breakdown of the Penny Arcade/PvP D&D podcasts, that provided a solid look at how much time combats take and how that time is spent.

A Character For Every Game – While not a 4E-centric blog, this guy does cover a lot of ground for the fantasy RPG. He offers some interesting articles on RPGs in general but lately I’ve been cruising his blog more for map posts. This guy offers some maps of really neat dungeons that have certainly sparked my DM imagination. Well worth checking out.

I hope folks enjoy the links. Please do give them a gander.


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