Power2ool – a great 4E tool for DMs and players alike

So I stumbled onto Power2ool that seems to be a wonderful program for 4E. Conceptually, you have a giant cork board where you can place and remove note cards. In addition, these notes come in different formats as blank cards, powers, magic items, and monsters. All the virtual note cards can be edited and the entire workspace is saved under your login id.

The program can also be synced with the DDI compendium. So folks with an active account can port over powers and monster stat blocks. Best of all, you can edit them. So a player could keep all their powers, edit their own ability and enhancement modifiers and have it saved. You level up or gain a new magic weapon? No problem as you can go back and individually change the powers needed. No bothering with going back to the character creator again. Not to mention, you can print out all the items in a section. It’s a snap to get all your powers printed out on a sheet of paper.

Want to keep track of everything digitally? No worries, as you can double click a power and it will gray out indicating it was used. I can see players keeping a simple stat block of their defenses and HP with all their powers organized the way they want to for combats. Best of all, they have different ‘cork boards’ for keeping different characters. How about the built in dice roller function? Very nice indeed.

For DMs I see this as a great tool. They can split up their entire work area under different encounters. Just a single click and they could get all the monster stats, with a few more virtual note cards to add any tactics, descriptions, rewards, or other notes. Move on to the next room and just open up another section of your workspace. Did I mention you can print all this stuff out?

Don’t have a DDI subscription? You can still create custom power cards (or copy down the ones from a book). Want to make up a monster on the fly? Power2ool also has an option to create a level specific generic monster. All the fields will be filled out with the appropriate bonuses to hit, defences, and damage, and every thing can be edited the way you want. For folks that want to create homebrew items and monsters, or get something together for distribution at a con or gaming event, this program is a great resource.

You can browse through a series of video tutorials and demos of its functionality online. It seems very intuitive and pretty easy to manipulate and edit stuff. I have not had a chance to delve too deeply into this, but I think the learning curve for is almost nonexistent. I particularly like the fact that it is server based. No need to have anything loaded on a PC/Mac meaning you could run over to someone’s house and run a game (provided you can jump onto their wifi). Be sure to check this out as it seems to be a great tool for 4E games.Power2oolPic


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