New article submission process for Dragon and Dungeon

WotC has announced a new process for submitting articles for publication in Dragon and Dungeon. The skinny of it is that twice a year they are opening up 2 month windows to allow new articles and adventures to be sent in. I like the idea. I think it will allow for a more even flow of content from the magazines. As they stated, it’ll give them a more structured means to get some feedback. I think this will also allow the company to plan out personnel resources and lay out upcoming projects more effectively (I expect you’ll be seeing a few interns at local colleges pulling a semester at WotC to help out with those rejection letters).

I’ve lamented a bit about the lack of content for other WotC games in Dragon and Dungeon, particularly Gamma World. Maybe with this new submission system you can see more stuff geared towards non-D&D games coming out. I do think if Dragon and Dungeon somewhat expanded their coverage to an occasional article or adventure/scenario for Gamma World (or their other board games), there’d be more of an incentive to keep up a DDI subscription.

I’ve heard on podcasts and some blogs some grumbling with how the current system is sort of non-responsive. It’s a given you are rejected unless noted otherwise. You send something in and basically will never get any response until you eventually get an acceptance letter. It is a little wonky. So I’m hoping this new submission process can provide better feedback to folks sending stuff in. I also hope it helps WotC crank out better, and more varied, content for their digital mags.


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