A new dev studio for Neverwinter Online?

News has leaked out that Atari is looking to sell of Cryptic Studios, the main dev studio for some MMOs (Champions Online and Star Trek Online) and the upcoming 4E version of the D&D Neverwinter series. This makes the fate of the online game a little questionable. In their earnings report, Atari’s business plan seems to be releasing less but more polished games, including moving into the mobile market. However they’re also determined to hang onto their signature licensed stuff including Dungeons and Dragons.

So what is the future for Neverwinter Online? If Cryptic is sold off, will they still be outsourced to develop the game? I wonder if another studio might be the ones to step up and finish off the project. I was mildly interested in the Neverwinter game. It sounded not quite like a full blown open MMO, but a more persistent instanced-based coop game. I have to admit I really would like to see video game treatment of 4E D&D. But it looks a little questionable how Neverwinter will proceed now.


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