Where is the WotC love for Gamma World?

I’ve been debating about renewing my DDI subscription. I find myself struggling to justify keeping it active. One thing in particular I’ve noticed is the absence of content for Gamma World with their online material. A few months ago WotC did have a great vehicle rules article and had a pretty good article on making your town a backdrop in Dragon magazine (way back in December). However the amount of other material out there for Gamma World is rather sparse.

I really like Gamma World (GW) and found it to be a fun game. I think it captures a really light-hearted feeling of just providing a wacky game experience. Something missing a bit in the recent RPG market it seems. While it might be a stretch to get a serious game out of it, that can be done. So I think it straddles different campaign playstyles fairly well.

I understand that the printed material for Gamma World is pretty much done. They’ve released the boxed sets and I think we can expect that is just about it for the game. I don’t think it’s a bad idea. I actually think it helps in promoting the sales of the game. You don’t have to feel like you are overwhelmed with stuff if you decide to pick it up. Each extra boxed set adds a little to the main game, and that is entirely optional (plus they seem reasonably priced).

What I don’t get is the lack of support for the game, especially with DDI. Gamma World seemed to be a hot item. I do think the excitement has waned a bit with each successive expansion release. As I said, I get that WotC will likely not release any more printed material for the game. Its print cycle is complete. Yet, I do wish they provided additional support for the game through their digital products.

Having some new adventures, a few new monsters, and maybe some additional vocations available through the online magazines would be nice. How about a little more fluff for some of the cryptic alliances? What about a detailed city or region with descriptive NPCs and some adventure ideas? They have an interactive character sheet which works as a functional online character generator. What about a mini compendium just for the monsters in the GW universe?

GW is so tied into 4E, I really wish there were more of an effort to have additional material for the game through DDI. Personally, I would see that as a greater incentive to maintain my subscription. I’ve got some thoughts on other old TSR properties, and if they will get a 4E treatment (more to post about later). However it seems like Gamma World was so much a flash in the pan for WotC, I wonder how other games would fare given the lack of added online support for GW.

I hope at least WotC does make a push for more GW articles in Dragon and Dungeon. I’m unsure if they’ve put out a call for articles related to the game. I think it’s a shame for WotC that so many people in the community have made a greater effort to get material out there to support it. As to whether more stuff will come down the pipe, I guess we’ll see provided (in my case at least) folks are keeping their DDI subscription going.otusGammaWorldA


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