Expeditions of Amazing Adventure: The mischievous monoliths of Miandriss

The open plains of Miandriss are dotted with deep lakes that are fed by a myriad of small rivers and streams. This land is known for its fine farmland and rolling plains of grain. But one cannot fail to mention the great mysterious stone statues that also lie about the many farming communities of this land.

Most are level to a man’s chest and hold the visage of some simple humanoid face. The gray stone on many are so worn, barely any detail can be found on their face. It is unknown the purpose of the stone markers, or what race was responsible for creating them.

Many people look upon the statues that grace their fields and homes as good fortune. Most farmers would agree, that to deface or move such stoic rock figures would be tempting foul luck. Even older traditions of more primal beliefs still hold sway over many communities.

Each long fall before the main harvest, huge bonfires light the night sky. Families with homes near the stone figures will leave pints of dark ale, sharp cheese, and hearty loaves of bread. Most folk will spend the evening around the fires drinking merrily and filling the air with laughter and song. All done to appease the spirits buried deep within the quiet stone faces of the statues that dot their community.

Villagers claim as the night drags on, the fires fall to embers, and the folk weary with sleep and drink retire to their homes, that the rock figures come alive. Sure enough, many farmers will find some of their wheat baled, or fruit from thick orchards in bushels. And pity the miser farmer that did not leave a meal for their stone neighbors. He might wake to find his livestock scattered or a small vegetable patch rooted up. Usually, such a slight is rewarded with some mischievous deed. Yet few whisper of more darker deeds, one of children gone missing in long past seasons.

One thing is for certain, every statue has moved by the dawn of the following day. Even the great imperial arcane guild has documented this phenomenon without any explanation. Attempts to do so have always resulted in some mishap. Whether a young apprentice seems to fall asleep during the observation, or a group of wizards is run off by some irritated beast, no one has actually seen the statues move.

They only know that by the next sunrise these simple figures of man have managed to uproot themselves and move. Be it a mere 10 feet or hundreds of yards, it seems that each season the stone statues of Miandriss begin a migration, quite possibly a great jest from some ancient trickster god.

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