4E Condition Cards, get em while they’re hot

I’ve been meaning for a while to post about one site I enjoyed peeking at occasionally that is linked on my sidebar, Lastlands. I loved how they had a whole section dedicated to fantasy art. Some great inspirational landscapes and characters were indexed there from various artists. Additionally they had some neat downloads. Now the site is split into two, Lastlands being dedicated to a D&D campaign, and the Weem as a 4E Resource site.

One thing I loved was that the guy whipped up some wonderful condition cards which are still available there. I’m not sure how long he will keep them up though. I like them as you can give them to a player and he knows exactly what is happening with his character. When he makes his save, he can just pass the card back to the DM. I used some self adhesive laminating sheets on mine to keep them extra durable.

I’m going to miss all the neat artwork he had indexed as Lastlands. I hope he can keep his other site active for a while. There are some nifty tutorials for making maps in Photoshop and I liked this truncated combat sheet also (great little tool for new players). Be sure to poke around and check his stuff out.


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