Amazing D&D sessions from Penny Arcade

So in my daily ritual of scrolling through various web sites I do frequent the web comic Penny Arcade. Sadly I don’t play console games, so a decent third of the strips I don’t quite get. Staple on being out of the American pop culture loop completely by living in Korea, and there is another chunk of strips I’m clueless on. The rest however are a hoot. So much so that I do enjoy perusing their site regularly.

One of to comic creators, Mike Krahulik, has taken up the mantle of being a DM for his group. From my understanding, he is new to the whole RPG bit and completely inexperienced to being a DM. I think this adds a little more weight to the statement that he runs some absolutely amazing encounters for D&D.

I suspect that his group is well into the upper echelons of the paragon tier, or maybe even higher. Because his latest post describes an epic encounter in the elemental chaos between worlds. His posts there are astounding. You’ve got a wonderful visual representation of the game, and a decent set of mechanics to make the encounter work. So set pieces not only look cool, they are functional as well (as this pic below will show).

He has described some pretty cool encounters and shown how he pulled them off in the past. From a free fall combat against a dragon, to a light and mirror puzzle dungeon crawl, Mike has assembled some amazing encounters. And I cannot stress this enough, everything he does has a game function. It isn’t just a prop. The pieces work with the session they are running.

He has congregated his past posts of different D&D sessions. I highly recommend giving them a look. I’ll notch it up to being a professional artist, but the creativity he expresses in his game makes me envious. I urge folks to take a look at his D&D posts. There are some great inspirational stuff there, and enough details on the mechanics to port into your game. And while your at it take a peek at their comic too. Fun stuff indeed.


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