4E resource blog roll

Lately I’ve been checking out a few blogs and sites with some nifty 4E stuff. I thought I’d pass along some of their links and hope people take a bit of time to check them out.

First off is Ready an Action which offers a downloadable encounter just about every week. It provides a general map, stats on creatures, tactics for running the encounter, and even offers a battle map if needed. I really dig the idea of providing a single encounter that DMs can use. I’m sure in a few months you’ll have a nice library at your fingertips.

Many of these encounters can also be found indexed at another site over at Sarah Darkmagic’s blog. She has put together the tools for a wonderful searchable index of published and submitted adventures. NewbieDM had floated the idea of hosting 4E delves and found out about Sarah’s site. I hope folks that want to put out their own free content keep this site in mind. I think it would be great to have one site be the resource for 4E adventures and delves on the net, and this site is shaping up to be it.

Stuffer Shack is another 4E-centric blog that has recently popped up. While it has a few general blog posts on RP topics, it also wants to serve as a resource for DMs. The mantra of the site is for people to freely pilfer adventures and ideas at the site. I expect over the next few months to host a lot of DM resources, and currently it offers a pretty good set of links to some handy stuff all ready out on the net.

Hope folks find these sites a good resource, be sure to check them out.


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