Expeditions of Amazing Adventure: The arbor temples of Adryia

Halfling folk are the most common denizens of Adryia, with its rolling green hills and pockets of thick woods. Many of the population adhere to the sprawling network of rivers that dissect Adryia into its various provinces. Because of river trade and their wanderlust, many halfings in this region worship Avandra.

It is the halflings to the west however that holds a greater reverence towards the deep woods and hears the spirits within the great oaks. These smaller sects of halfings revere Melora, and share her love of the primal forests. They construct housing of lumber sparingly, and are sure to keep the oldest of the trees standing if clearing an area.

Many temples and community buildings are built around such old trees. It is said that the spirits deep beneath their old bark are alive and whisper to those that are clever enough to hear them. The spirits give council on extreme weather and sudden changes of the seasons. Many farmers have been known to seek a priest at these temples to gain divination on the upcoming planting season, and which types of crop would likely yield a bountiful harvest.

Come deep fall, every five years, this region plays host to the oddest of visitors. It is common for elves to frequent these communities and trade among the little folk. Even the reclusive shifter nomads can been seen among halfings, trading thick furs and smoked meats for stacks of fillbread and the plethora of roots locals harvest.

It is rumored that a great council meets within one temple. Here woodland druids and priests of Melora put aside their differences and seek council of the great trees housed within the temple walls. Dire talk of the possible encroachment of chaotic elementals and twisted humanoids is a topic of frequent discussion. As much as each party views the other worshiping false gods, each strive to aid each other against the common enemies of the woods and natural order. Because of this, many long days and nights are spent planning to counter any incursion of these foul creatures on their respective lands, and at times tense diplomacy is overseen by the halflings.

Some claim that it is only the halflings that could host such diverse guests successfully. It is their good humor, love of hearty food and drink, and generous hospitality that put many at ease. The sincere love that the halfings hold towards the forests is also a strong point.

Legends tell of dark orc armies which have tried to crush the halflings of Adryia. These stout-hearted people have always been able to repulse such attacks, with the oddest of allies always emerging from the woods to offer aid whenever threatened. This legend serves as a dire warning to those that seek to harm these good-natured people of this region.

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