DIY 3D terrain from Worldworks Games

I stumbled on a link for Worldworks Games and was blown away by their products. What they offer is definitely for the do it yourself gamer and it appears that printing (or pasting to) cardstock is the way to go with their stuff. They’ve got a few tutorials up on how to work with their kits. Including a tutorial of their assembled product. It might be a little fragile, but I think on cardstock very serviceable and able to stand up to your typical tabletop RPG session.

They have a lot of different fantasy sets. Most of which have a gothic feel, but none the less they do look amazing…

It also looks like they have a lot of other themes available. I think this would be a great set for modern or post apocalypse games too. Might be a good buy if you wanted to jump into the updated Gamma World coming out at the end of this year. Drool… if I only had the time.


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