Expeditions of Amazing Adventure: The shifting pillars of Porphimia

The remnants of these pillars still stand tall after 175 years. Their width nearly three men across, these heavy pillars manage to shift by some unknown force. At seemly random days, when the sun is at its highest, some (or all) of the pillars slowly inch to other positions. Within a day the immense columns have aligned themselves in another location, but each pillar will move at the most just ten feet. They serve as a fantastic demonstration of the immense power wielded by the great wizards, Ulaam of the one eye, Hisham the heretic, and Digby, as legends say the three put aside their differences to construct the pillars.

For over a century great wizards of the western empire have made attempts to discern a pattern in the pillar movement. Some have postulated that the pillars mark themselves by measuring changing constellations in the night sky. Others have theories that the stone columns act as an elaborate clock marking the passing seasons. A minority will stand by the whimsical nature of Digby, that the pillars were some manner of a wizard’s game, or even a monumental joke.

However devout followers of Ioun are convinced the pillars hold some religious significance. Pilgrimages to the remote site are frequently made by more pious members of the order. Some are willing to stand guard over the pillars, ensuring the faithful are party to any studies involving the strange arcane monument.

Expeditions to the pillars are frequent. Despite being studied for years, many companies of spellcasters seek to decipher the hidden meaning of the shifting columns. A few are convinced a secret trove of riches lie deep under the foundation. It is a matter of understanding the elaborate key of the pillar’s themselves. Such thoughts have inspired many nobles and adventurers to join company with other arcane academics, offering their swords and great wealth to help in fending off hazards that surround the remote location.

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