Skill challenge scenarios: Poisoned! (part two)

In the last post I described a skill challenge where the group was poisoned in an inn. They had to work quickly to find an antidote not only for themselves, but also for the other patrons.

Round 1: The paladin thought it best to use his skills in healing to try and determine what type of poison would have this effect. As he helped the sick patrons, he also carefully tried to evaluate each person and find the likely toxin. The rogue in the group tried to determine if she could find any trace of the poison near the barrel using perception. The cleric in the group also decided to help the sick utilizing his healing skill. Everyone rolled and all earned successes. Both the cleric and paladin had managed to deduce a common group of poisons that would inflict these symptoms. The rogue managed to spot a few small dark smears on the barrel’s side. Carefully, she gathered up a sample of the thick viscous resin.

Tally after round 1: 3 successes, 0 failures

Round 2: Armed with the knowledge of the type of poison (and a sample), they sought off to try and find an antidote. The rogue quickly set about asking key people she felt would know one trained in the apothecary arts. Earlier in the day, she had heard some commoners speaking of the skills of one particular apothecary, with talents exceeding even the priests at the local temple (successful roll). Several minutes later, with a few quick turns through the alleys and some banging on doors, they managed to get to the right location. Both the paladin and cleric had offered their skills in healing to aid the elderly apothecary, make easier having a sample of the dreadful toxin (one skill check made at a +2). With their deft hands and combined abilities, by daylight they were able to concoct enough antidote to help all that were afflicted by the poison (both had successful rolls).

Tally after round 2: 6 successes, 0 failures. Skill challenge successful for a complete victory.

I liked the quick thinking of the party’s rogue in trying to get a sample of the poison. I decided there to allow a bonus to a future healing check made by the others, just as if she had sucessfuly aided another. I also held my breath a bit in the second round. If one player had decided to simply aid in a healing check, the group would have secured a partial victory (and a potential hollow one at that). Fortunately, they decided to press through and each make a check.


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