Combat manager sheet

So on the D&D boards, some people have been asking for low tech solutions to running their game. In particular one guy was adamant about not having a laptop at the table. I can totally understand. Sometimes I find having a laptop a little distracting, and being a frequent recipient of Murphy’s Law, I’m always worried about some last minute technical glitch that will hinder my game.

A while back I found a pretty good one page initiative tracker sheet (for the life of my I can’t find the link, so if someone can track it down gimme a shout out and I’ll link to this post). I liked it had all the pertinent defenses. It also had several spaces for recharging powers, if the target was marked, and a way to keep track of different combat conditions.

However, some things I didn’t like. I wanted a full box space to keep track of a creatures HP. I also wanted sufficient space to write in a monster/character name. So I modified mine a bit. I also kept an additional field to keep all the marked and combat conditions separate. So I whipped up my own version for keeping track of stuff.

So far it’s worked pretty well for me. I enter party information in the first few lines and then photocopy them. I then would have a few encounters prepped by adding monster on the other lines. Sometimes I’d squeeze a few encounters worth if I could, but usually had a separate sheet for each fight.

I’ve sort of moved to using applications for my 4E fights. I still keep a few sheets handy in case my computer suddenly gets fried. I think this is a definite must have if I also travel to a friend’s place to run a game sans laptop. For running a game with strictly stuff from my backpack, I like using this sheet a lot.

[Edit: Thankfully someone was able to find a link to the PDF I was looking for. Thanks!}


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