Expeditions of Amazing Adventure: The Cabalistic Clay of Domneran Canyon

To the south a thin section of land serves as an oasis to the harsh desert regions that surround it. A small range of mountains hold the Domneran river that winds its way down towards the flat plains. This river feeds a narrow stretch of land able to serve as an agricultural base. Enough so that a few cities have been able to establish themselves, feeding their people with simple crops and diligent fishermen that trawl the river for fish and soft shell crustaceans. Many of these cities have also been able to serve as a central trade stop between far empires and kingdoms separated by the great dessert, further bolstering these simple economies.

Far up to the river source, deep within the mountains, lies a narrow canyon which the Domneran river springs forth. The canyon (which is known for the river it contains) holds high cliffs etched through deep stone of the surrounding mountains. Legends tell that the mountains were formed when colossal giants fell in a great battle against the gods. Their flesh seeped into the ground, and their bones served as scaffolding for the mountains that arose.

These giant corpses imparted magic buried within the very core of the mountains. It is only over centuries as a river cut deep into the mountains, forming the Domneran canyon, has this magic been able to seep out of the stone. Far within the coiling canyon are pools of water, bubbling with mystical energy. The clay taken from these pools are rumored to be infused with arcane power. Some claim such power has medicinal properties, while others state the clay holds chaotic magical forces so potent they can bend iron.

It is a treacherous journey to the Domneran canyon. The climb is through perilous rock and savage creatures haunt the mountain range. This has kept many from traveling to the canyon, but high demand for the clay that lies on the silty bottom finds a few willing to try.

Some temples are willing to lead pilgrimages to the pools that lie along the canyon path. Such waters are claimed to have restorative powers, but these journeys are hazardous. Especially as gnoll tribes hold claim to much of the canyon for their own foul rituals. A wealthy noble, desperate to find a cure to an aliment might likely secure not only a temple guide, but also an armed group of adventurers, if they were so inclined.

Many wizards are willing to part with gold to obtain a pouch of the magical clay. If a group were willing to take the risk to reach the Domneran canyon, they likely could easily find a buyer for any clay they managed to gather.

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