Obsidian Portal for your campaign

Keeping everything in your campaign organized can be difficult, especially if you are running a homebrew campaign. One of the bigger challenges is readily having information available for your group. If you’ve got notable NPCs, history and events, or a unique group of deities, having that information readily available to your players can be a chore.

Obsidian Portal is a great site to keep all of that organized. It’s a campaign wiki, that allows you to easily edit and maintain your campaign. The functionality is great and I’ve come to make it my primary tool for record keeping in my campaign.

At first, the thought of committing everything in a wiki can be a little daunting. But cut and pasting text, slowly expanding entries, adding tags to pages and NPCS is a breeze. I’ve taken to uploading images of maps instead using of the wiki map section, but the default map section is quite functional. Plus it is accessed through a web browser. No need to be chained down to any specific computer if you need to access (or update) any information.

Another important feature is the campaign log. Once I got into the habit of updating the log, I can now just spend 10-15 minutes after a session to post a quick summary. Since I play every other week (and sometimes just monthly), it has been a boon to my game having the group be able to read up on the last session. If they need more info about an NPC or a location, it is simply a click away to get a little bio or more detail. Now we have a record of what they did 4 months ago, and they can gleam any info off of a particular encounter from the past. For the adventure log alone, I’ve loved what it has done with my campaign.

My initial advice is simply start small with your entries. Use 2-3 sentences for most topics, and slowly expand. In a month or two, you’ll have a fleshed out campaign that is well organized and more importantly, completely referenced. I’m considering allowing my players to keep up on the adventure log. I think it would be interesting to have them record events they think were pertinent. Did I mention that entries can be tagged with DM only sections? That NPCs can have a ‘public’ and a ‘DM only’ entry? Yeah, it is that functional.

Check out Obsidian Portal. It is a fantastic campaign tool. As for my campaign? Feel free to browse the adventures of my group in the world of Terrene. I’m a convert to this great site, be sure to use this tool for your next big campaign.


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