Cutout conditional tokens

I’m all about using physical markers or tokens to keep track of effects in 4E. There is a lot of small things to keep track in combat, with status effects, bonuses to hit or AC, and stuff being bloodied all being thrown around from turn to turn. I have a love of miniatures (or at least some type of marker) for 4E too. So having stuff to physically hold in your hand helps a lot. It’s so much easier to keep track of stuff having something on the board over keeping a list of status effects on paper.

If you look around, a ton of people have their own little tokens or things they use as condition markers. From using stickers on minis, to special bases, to even using used soda bottle rings, just about everyone uses a variety of items for tokens. I’ve used a lot of small colored markers also, but I started leaning towards using something with a written description.

I opted to create a small sheet of conditional markers. After printing them out, I pasted it on thin cardboard (do make em a little beefy), cut them apart, and secured them a little further with some tape. I also have a few tokens to mark off areas of effect. Some powers have zones that are sustained throughout an encounter, so I wanted a few markers for those situations also. So far they are pretty functional and work okay.

However, I’m still wanting something a little more durable and thicker. I’ve recently picked up a neat product that looks like it will fit my needs nicely. I’m waiting to run a session with my group to get their feedback before posting my thoughts. Until then, here is a link to my cutout conditional tokens as a pdf. Hope folks enjoy them.


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