A video profile of a few real life DMs

WotC has just put up a short film looking at a few DMs. It covers a pretty broad spectrum of DMs and the types of games they run. I have to admit in the third part does tout 4E a lot which might make folks think it’s more an advertisement for the new edition (though I agree with a lot of the positive comments made about 4E). Still it is an interesting snapshot of the D&D community.

I like how it gives a glimpse on the variety of ways people prepare and run their games. From using home brew rules to lots of self-made conditional markers, I liked seeing how folks adapted their game to their own group. A really big portion is dedicated to how people actually got together to meet up and run their games. I’d really wished they managed to get some folks together that ran an online campaign. There are some tools out there to do so, and interviewing a group that had a remote campaign going would have been an interesting profile.

Still, I liked this. I think it realistically captures a lot of folks that play D&D. I like how it gives a quick view with how different a lot of DMs run their games and the little tricks they use. Be sure to check it out.


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