Expeditions of Amazing Adventure: The titan footsteps of the tundra wastes

The barren tundra of Kormerria is a harsh land with brutal cold winds that chill the bone. Few can traverse these expansive wilds and not succumb to the freezing climate. Somehow, roaming clans of humans and half-orcs can scratch out a meager living but only barely. It is the thorough knowledge of the lands, passed on by generation to generation that has allowed these races to live there. One such guarded secrets are the titan footsteps.

Scattered among the plains and at bases of the infrequent mountain ranges are magical locations, serving as an oasis to the surrounding brutal cold. These locales are remnants of a fairer time. A window into the past world where the lands grew wild with lush vegetation. These locations are a paler image of that time, but their power still pulses through the earth.

These oval areas are, at most, 100 yards across and hold land barren of snow and ice. Some even have small crops of grasses scattered among the rocky soil. Within these small regions, the wind and cold temperatures are lifted, and a gentle warmth can be felt as if from an invisible sun. These scattered pockets of land serve as a reprieve from the harsh tundra. Crossing the wintry terrain is an arduous task, but the journey can be slightly improved if one can rest within these locations.

Local inhabitants revere these areas as holy land. These sparse locations serve not only as a means for clans to roam the tundra plains hunting game, but also as final resting places for tribal elders. Their corpses are bound and buried upright, with small columns of rocks serving as a rudimentary tombstone. Tales from elders claim that long ago titans had walked the world, leaving footsteps in their wake. These footsteps still echo of primal magic, creating small reprieves in these cold lands.

Some alchemists say the stones from these areas are magical, and can be used to make powerful elixirs of protection. Although few prominent alchemists are willing to fund an expedition to retrieve such stones, they will gladly pay a hefty price for a pouch full.

More thieving adventurers might consider robbing the graves of clan elders that lay buried in many of the locations. It is known that fine jewels of obsidian and opals adorn the headdresses of many Kormerrian elders, as are ceremonial daggers and armor of great chieftains. Local tradition of Kormerrians dictate such prizes be buried with their kin. These tombs within a magical oasis might be a tempting find if seeking treasure.

Many local barbarian tribes see the disruption of such lands as blasphemous, and will inflict a quick death to the offender. Those that seek rest in the titan footsteps must be wary of any nomads they encounter. Despite good intentions of only using these lands for a night’s proper rest, prejudice against outsiders likely mean encounters with such barbarians will end in violence.

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