Congrats to

WotC has a new community spotlight interview up. It’s on one of my favorite blogs particularly for its focus on new DMs and 4E, He’s done a lot I think for the community. He started up a new DM group on the WotC community boards. I also think he has a great blog.

In particular he tackles a lot of things someone new to DMing would likely encounter. He also has a ton of useful tutorials and guides including for some practical tips on running your game, from creating custom battle maps, to making your own miniature tokens. I also think as his group has matured and leveled up, he’s gone beyond the heroic tier and begun to tackle some issues a DM may face in the paragon/epic tier. Just great stuff on his site.

Yeah, I’ve been gushing a lot lately on other blogs. I should be posting more stuff here. But kudos to in getting some hobby recognition for your blog. You’ve got a great site that offers a lot to the D&D community. And if you haven’t checked his site out yet, give it a look!


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