Some blogs for inspiration

I’ve been cruising some of the D&D message boards and blogs. Quite a few folks have been discussing how to keep coming up with ideas. I agree sometimes it can be a challenge to pull something new out of the DM hat. I always need to get recharged and find something that sparks some creative idea. There are a few blogs I enjoy that usually do the trick.

D&D Doodle has quite a few pics I’ve posted in the past. I find a lot of his stuff just great idea fodder. Looking at his rendering of the lonely tower in Fallcrest, how can you not get an idea for a quick dungeon delve?


Personally I can’t wait for the final rendering of Hammerfast. All ready I’ve got tons of ideas rolling around for some city adventures.


Even the smaller surface communities like his Dwarf Town has my creative juices going.


And this inn? Maybe it could also serve as a barracks for a mercenary company, a local for an urban adventure, or how about a mystery set in a deserted roadside inn?

Speaking of inns, another site I love is Fame and Fortune for his series on inns and taverns. Just about every month this guy puts up an interesting inn or tavern. He laces it with eloquent descriptions of the locale, the fare that would be served, the clientele that frequent it, and some broad strokes describing the proprietors. It is solid stuff and has been my go to site if I need to think of an inn or tavern for an adventure. Some of the stuff has got me brimming with ideas. I’ll likely consider plopping the Barrel in my group’s next jaunt to a dwarven town, and for the Wooden Sword I have one word… pit fighting. Yeah, my players will be doing a fight tournament soon.

Another site is a new comer that I have absolutely fell in love with. Year of the Dungeon has a simple premise, post a new dungeon sketch every 3-4 days. It outlines a basic map with a few simple details. But the blogger here also scatters a few descriptors for items and trappings you can use to dress up your adventure. I love the idea and the stuff here is a great source for sparking an idea of that next grand adventure for your group.

So these have been a few sites I’ve enjoyed, by far this is not an inclusive list. If you’ve been stumped on thinking up a new adventure.


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