Mapping your game for the tabletop?

I’m curious what people have been using to depict environments during their encounters. I typically have my players mapping things out as a general sketch on notepaper. Once things get into combat, I transplant everything to a white board, map out the room, place minis and run the encounter.

It works pretty well. Players can quickly move through environments, jotting down notes to rooms they think are important. I only have players pull out the minis for rooms that have something going on (like combats or traps).

Sometimes things get a little clunky. I usually get everyone excited about busting into a room full of baddies. Only to slow things down while I frantically map out the room, sketch out hazards and notable terrain, fiddle with placing the creatures about, etc. It sort of kills the flow.

I’m thinking about trying something different. So I’m curious if other folks have run into similar situations, and what folks are using in their games.


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