Magical bard implements

I really feel bards get a little shafted with musical implements. The big problem for me is that many bard rituals require a focus of a particular GP value. However the choices are rather limited. As I noted before talking about AV2, additional magical instruments were lacking. There are a few weapons that can act as implements, but some different instruments and/or wondrous items would have been nice in that book.

So I started mulling over some ideas to expand the number of items that could also serve as a focus for bard rituals. Rather than create a specific item, I thought about having magical properties in the components which an instrument is constructed from. Drums, lutes, lyres, even horns could have portions of the instrument made of magical wood, or special bone inlayed keys, all of which that impart some magical property. So players have some flexibility in obtaining a magical instrument of their choice (with a DM is willing to drop it in an appropriate treasure parcel) rather than having to work with the limited choices in PHB2.

So I below I have a few components that could be used to make magical instruments of a player’s choice. They might not even be provided as an actual instrument, but a portion of arcane wood that could be used by a craftsman to create one (which could be RPed out in a special session or a reward for a short quest). I hope some folks get some mileage out of these items.




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