Expeditions of Amazing Adventure: The cavernous archives of the Coreldor arcane library

One of the marvels of the great city Coreldor is that it hosts the largest collection of books and documents of the western Empire. Operated by the mighty arcane guild within Coreldor, this huge stone building lies atop a bluff overlooking the city. The library hosts not only arcane books and ancient rituals, but also various historical documents and maps. It serves as a vast repository of knowledge, whether being map fragments of the lost Alondarra continent, a listing of intricate clan relations of the Kormerrian barbarians, to the unusual customs of Istrian Pict tribes.

Strict rules govern use of the library holdings and the arcane guild holds control with a tight fist. Automated constructs not only wander the rows of books to aid visitors, but larger automatons can occasionally be seen precariously clambering up spiral staircases, patrolling the various floors of the library for thieves. Magical wards also protect books from being removed from the library grounds.

Knowledge from the library holdings can be freely transcribed, but at a hefty price. The guild offers a staff of scribes which can transcribe magical texts into rituals. Membership to the guild will offer a substantial discount, and even an opportunity to study select texts within private tower laboratories on the library grounds. Yet entrance into the guild is a difficult procedure that is costly both in time and expense.

The arcane guild is very proactive in expanding its holdings. The library is well known for paying a fair price for historical texts and arcane tomes. They have even been willing to fund expeditions to ancient ruins to obtain literary treasures, or to produce accurate depictions and maps of lost civilizations. Many companies of adventurers have been known to contact the guild seeking employment for such expeditions.

Rival arcane guilds, even powerful lone wizards, are envious of the Coreldor arcane guild. They hold such a powerful resource of information within their folds. Stealthy attempts have been made to obtain a particular text, or secretly transcribe pages of documents. These thefts have always been stopped, but that has not dissuaded some brash rogues from trying.

There are whispers of a secret chamber within the library. Texts of immense power, some which describe the summoning of demons, or hold within their pages descriptions of great evil, are rumored to be kept there. Only the most trusted members of the arcane guild have entry to such a chamber. To obtain such books, scribe a few pages, or even read the contents of such documents would be a prize for any wizard. An adventurer that was steely enough to find this rumored chamber would likely have a fortune at their fingertips once inside.

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