Expeditions of Amazing Adventure: The virid woods of Vayndaar

The immense thick woods of Vayndaar serve as home to many elven clans. For centuries the woods have stood, the dense tangle of trees and dark earth only broken by an occasional bed of gray stone. It is these outcropping of stones that have served as simple trail through the woods. The four-day trek through the verdant woods would nearly be impossible due to the massed throngs of high trees.

It is said that the woods hold portals to other worlds. The barrier between other planes of existence wane with the setting of the sun. At midnight these walls fade, allowing wild creatures of the fey to cross over. Such portals however are jealously guarded by elves. Perhaps they fear other races mingling too frequently with their Eladrin cousins, a right only the elves feel is theirs alone.

The few human villages that border the woods, took up the habit of marking the lone trail with small piles of stones. The elves which inhabited the forest took these piles to be a peaceful sign, offering safe passage to those that remained along the path. Those that averted from this makeshift trail were watched however, for any transgressions they may inflict on elven kind.

This arrangement has stood for well over a century, and it is well known among the few merchants that travel the woods, safe passage can be found along the stone trail. Some villagers claim that more ferocious denizens of the forest avoid these stone piles. That somehow magic has infused in the small humble markers, such that they offer effective wards against beasts at night. It is a common saying that if one must rest within the woods, one should remain near these stones.

Still a few others state that the stones are not markings of man, but that of Eladrin hunters. During the longest day of the year, they claim barriers between worlds are at its weakest. During that brief night, Eladrin hunters and warriors in fine regalia slip into the woods of Vayndaar and hunt the beasts within. The piles of stone offer a simple marker of the path Eladrin take on this great hunt, ensuring they find their way back before the break of dawn.


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