Skill challenge scenarios: Discover the river pirate lair (part 2)

Last post was the set up for my group to find a pirate camp. After describing the situation they deliberated a bit on what to do next.

The rogue thought she’d keep a diligent eye out to see if there was any evidence of the pirates landing their boats (passed perception check). Seeing no obvious breaks in the vegetation, they likely were still on the river. The artificer of the group decided to provide another set of eyes and see if he could discern any trail (passed perception check). He also could not make any obvious trail along either shoreline, so thought it prudent to remain on the river. The warrior of the group felt he could help in finding the trail, looking ahead (failed perception check). However he found he was unable to see anything noteworthly in the surroundings.

Turn one tally: 2 successes and 1 failure

After nearly half an hour the party found themselves at a branch in the river. One appeared to flow into low hills, while the other appeared to be drawn into a canyon, having one shoreline becoming flanked by a sharp cliff. The rogue again felt it prudent to see if she could pick up a trail (passed perception check). The artificer wondered if he could find a way to determine which branch in the river the pirates took. A nature check seemed appropriate. Passing the check the dwarf determined that the river that moved along the cliff would likely offer more defensible positions if the camp was near the shore.

The fighter decided his skills for hunting down a trail on the river would be poor. Possibly a higher vantage point might be helpful? He convinced the group to beach the boat and see if they could pick up a trail on land. I let him make a difficult athletics check. Passing with flying colors, I said he was able to scale a cliff face and get a good lay of the countryside. He was able to notice several cave entrances further down the river.

Turn two tally: 3 successes for a partial success (earning half the XP)

It was well within the night now. The group crept along the river, noticing a minute flicker of light further up. As they carefully approached, they saw a large cave entrance in the face of a cliff, with the river’s water flowing deep inside. A campfire roared deep inside, and the players felt they had finally found the pirate camp.

That’s it for now!


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