4ED Blog Roll

I thought I’d give a shout out to a few blogs I’ve been following. This is not an inclusive list by far, but they are some sites I’ve been reading as of late. I hope you all poke in and check them out too. So in no particular order…

Newbiedm.com – Despite just turning a year old recently, it has a ton of tips and tricks for the new 4ED DM. Some really great ideas on making your own markers and character tokens. Great posts on maps and even links to programs to depict landscapes. A solid site. Don’t let the name fool you, plenty of stuff for the new and old 4ED DM to be had there.

Roleplayingpro.com – Has a great group of articles about DnD and roleplaying in general. They pick apart some sticky topics, from character death to handling metagaming. A great place to pick up some ideas on the more particular nuances of DMing, running games in general, and providing some neat perspectives on roleplaying.

The Fearless DM– A little blog from a guy I know that runs a Living Realms campaign out on the East coast. His DM perspective is mostly for RPGA events. I think his take, and advice, for DMs is unique in that regard. Running a game for conventions, with complete strangers on a time schedule, is a tall order. Fearless DM delivers some great advice on that front. Not to mention, he offers a lot of tidbits for people running casual games too.

Again, this is not a complete list. I’ll be sure to post more in the future on sites I’ve been following. Be sure to check them out. I think you’ll find some great ideas for helping run your 4ED DnD games.


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