DM Tip: Creating spell effects for magical items.

I always loved wands in the previous editions. They are toned down a lot in 4E, but still pretty useful. In the PHB, rules are given to allow players can make their own wands, but I’m always hesitant approving that (pg. 242). However, I do think the suggestion of the DM designing their own wands great, especially as treasure in 4E is much more custom made for the group.

The rules are a good base, but what about the wizard that opted for another implement to specialize in? If they didn’t take wands, they are sort of missing out on all the versatility wands can give with an extra daily encounter or utility spell. A quick work around is to simply replace the wand with another implement keyword, and just run with it. So you can easily replace a lvl 8 power wand with the same properties, but make it a rod, staff, orb, or even a tome. They all grant the same +2 enhancement, and the player can finally get a nifty item that fits their implement mastery.

Don’t stop at arcane implements though. Take any basic magical item and use the rules for powered wands to grant it a spell effect. Increase the level of the listed item by 2 (notice a basic +1 wand is lvl 1, a +1 powered wand is lvl 3). To figure out the gold cost, use the base cost listed and multiply it by 1.88888, rounding up to the nearest 10, 100, or 1,000 (or 10,000 if needed). So a +3 magic robe could be imbued with a daily power to cast dimension door, and would now cost 17,000 gp.

Simple stuff, and now you can create all sorts of nifty magical gear without making completely game-breaking items.


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