Skill challenge scenarios: Find the wizard, Nightshade (part 2)

So with part 1 of the challenge I set up my conditions for players finding the residence of an unpopular local wizard, Nightshade. This is how it played out…

Our rogue quickly went off to work her magic of interacting with people, very quickly she was able to track down someone that knew of Nightshade. He did indeed live overlooking Fallon Square, and finding the market should be a fairly trivial task (passed streetwise check). The druid decided to also try his hand at finding Fallon Square with some moderate luck (passed his streetwise check). The paladin of the group decided to wrangle up a local street urchin to act as a guide with the promise of a few copper pieces, but had no luck (failed his diplomacy check abysmally).

1st round tally: 2 successes and 1 failure

The group had spent the last hour making their way through the city and approaching the quarter that housed Fallon Square. The rogue again managed to work what contacts she could find to get to Fallon Square the quickest way, with the druid in tow, likely aiding by providing a menacing presence to more tougher-looking characters (passed streetwise check with the druid successfully making an assist check). The paladin decided to drop some serious coin with the promise of 5 silver to any that could guide them to the residence of Nightshade, and was able to get an urchin that knew of the odd wizard (passed a diplomacy with a +2 modifier due to spending some silver).

2nd round tally: 4 successes and 1 failure, leading to a partial victory (and 1/2 the exp from completing the challenge)

I asked the rogue of the party to make a perception check which she passed with flying colors. The group managed to wind themselves through several streets, and after nearly 30 minutes, came to the Fallon Square market. They noticed a wizard slowly beckoning them from a balcony. He motioned to a door below and entered a simple residence.

As the players moved towards the door, the rogue noticed a man skulking near an alleyway. She is certain the man had been following them since they entered the city quarter. They decided to enter the wizard’s residence, as time has slipped into mid-afternoon. But they were on their guard and agreed that once they obtained the potion, they should be ready for a fight.

I’ll be sure to post more of these as I run through challenges in my game. I’d be interested on other’s recounting of how their skill challenges worked.


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