Expeditions of Amazing Adventure: Rogalarr and its Shoals of Ruinous Rock

If it were not for being situated at a hub of roads, it is likely the great port city of Rogalarr would never have been established as a popular sea trade route. The coast to the north is a jagged row of dark stone with swift currents. Fortunately the coastline to the south is easier sailing.

Yet the north sea-trade is more profitable, so much so that the risk to navigate through the dangerous shoals is worthwhile. Only the most experienced of captains can prevent their ships from running aground. While many captains of lesser skill commonly have their ships smashed against the coastline, or worse, dragged under and out to the vast sea.

Hence over the years, ruined husks of ships litter the northern coastline. The waters likely hide more that have sunk to the bottom. Most ships manage to have some of their cargo recovered before thieving folk picked the wrecks clean. Still many rumors swirl about at local taverns of lost treasure beneath the waves, or of some arcane cargo never quite found in those vessels run aground against the formidable shoreline.

Yet even more dark tales are uttered when rum flows freely. Some claim that vile humanoids live under the sea, and call about spirits of old gods to dash the ships of men against the rocky coast. These evil beings then swarm over the wrecks, stealing away survivors and anything else they can carry. All being offerings to the dark sea god they worship.

A hearty band of adventurers might find employment from a merchant, seeking to recover goods from a recent wreck. Or possibly secure such a wreck, while a crew of laborers could be massed to unload it. As many thieving folk would find the opportunity hard to pass with such wealth being readily available, even if the location were rather treacherous to reach.

More ambitious explorers might seek to recover treasure lost to the sea. A local fisherman has found a wreck, and seeks to partner with willing heroes. Some of a more perceptive lot might find the request odd. Is the fisherman really aligned with a thieves guild? Would brigands be ready to strike once any treasure is recovered?

Are the dark tales true? Is the northern coast plagued by Sahuagin that prey on shipwrecks? Or do these dark creatures call forth storms and waves to destroy vessels through black rituals?

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