Expeditions of Amazing Adventure: The Bustling Bazaar of Kashgor

The nomadic people of Kashgor are known for their fine horsemanship, hunting skills, and exotic foods. Their home is the rolling plains ripe with game and wild spices. Monthly various tribes converge to sell their wares, tell tales, and resolve any tribal issues. A temporary city arises of tents and long rows of wood-framed stalls. Throngs of people move about clamoring to sell goods typically through barter. In no more than a week the people scatter, leaving nothing behind, and the following month they congregate again in a different location.

Kashgor nomads also collect many exotic spices and dried flowers which are prized for their medicinal and arcane properties. As such many merchants from ‘civilized’ regions will seek to purchase what they can, and sell what little manufactured goods the Kashgorians desire. Deals are struck through a word and clasping of hands, but negotiations can be difficult. Kashgor nomads are proud people, quick to take offense, and demand respect of their culture and ways.

– Kashgorians will honor deals made with outsiders, but travel through their region can be dangerous. Adventurers are typically sought to offer protection to, and from, the bazaar.

– The bazaar also becomes a center for judicial matters and political bickering among tribes. It is not uncommon for outsiders to become embroiled in Kashgor affairs, typically causing some slight to a tribal leader. On rarer occasions the tribes may seek a group of outsiders to be arbitrators in a dispute (with some parties willing to secretly offer monetary ‘incentives’ to obtain a favorable ruling).

– It is rumored that some dishonorable Kashgor tribes engage in slavery. Hostages are commonly obtained in raids against rival tribes. Typically these hostages are used to negotiate for political favors against other tribes, being returned once a deal is struck. However, some whisper that a few tribes willingly sell slaves to merchants of the other lands, however unsavory most Kashgorians would find such a practice.

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