Expeditions of Amazing Adventure: The Secluded Sanctum

As something of a fun series of posts, I’ll try to periodically throw out some (hopefully) adventure inspiring locales. Lately between wandering the Korean countryside and enjoying the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (sigh… my geekness never ends…yes, I enjoy comics too), I’ve been motivated to try this creative exercise. So every two weeks or so, I hope to produce some interesting fantasy location, ripe with a few ideas for adventure.

The main temple lies in the shadow of a large mountain face. A small path precariously winds upwards towards its summit. Nestled in a slight recess is an image of an unknown god of old. Many of the commoners revere this idol, despite the wishes of the religious leaders in the temple.

Small depressions are scattered around the idol. These hollows in the mountain face are used to hold offerings. Copper coins are commonly placed there. But it is not uncommon for some to leave something of greater value if a strong blessing is particularly desired.

It is rumored that coins are taken up by the old god, a belief reinforced by the continual presence of a few empty holes. Do some villagers secretly pilfer the offerings made by others?

The continual reverence, and more importantly the offer of coin, chafes the religious leaders of the temple. They have avoided any decree towards the villagers stopping their practice. Quite possibly a group of adventurers could covertly deface the idol (and get a suitable reward from the temple)?

What does the idol represent? Is it a primordial god worshiped primarily by animal humanoids? Is this really a revered god found by a nomadic tribe of shifters? Such the presence of a temple below the idol would likely be an affront to their god. The shifter tribe may seek to remove such a temple by force if necessary.


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