So I started playing D&D…

As a simple play on words from my blog’s title, I’ll be posting a bit on fourth edition Dungeons and Dragons and dispensing my words of wisdom (or some might say, my idiotic thoughts). I recently got back into playing D&D after taking a long break from the game. I had not really played RPGs since my early years in college, and have not played D&D since high school. And way back then in high school I was playing 1st edition AD&D.

I jumped into a 3.5 campaign for a few months while I slowly accumulated the 4ED books. The people I were playing with were fervently against 4ED. They expressed opinions it was dumbed-down and WoW for wannabe RPers. Me? I had a different opinion. I loved the newest edition…

4ED is far from perfect, but coming back into playing D&D I found it far more enjoyable to play over the 3.0-3.5 editions. Maybe it was my time away from RPGs. Maybe it was my gaming time spent mostly with boardgames and miniature wargames. Yet I found the combination of tactical combat, streamlining a lot of the mechanics, and expanding the power use for characters all sorts of fun in 4ED. I’ll stand by my opinion that 4ED is a fun, fantasy roleplaying game and that it has a few strong points over the previous editions.


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